You can plug add-ons into the ports on Awesome Shield. Each Add-On is a separate piece of hardware that you can connect to Awesome Shield using a cable.

Each add-on includes all the hardware that is needed to do something specific. They can be inputs, like sensors, or outputs, like an LED String.

The Add-On components that we're using right now are Seeed Studio's Grove components.

You can write Awesome Shield code to control many of these add-ons.

When using an add-on that is connected to Awesome Shield through a port, you need to include the name of the port when using that add-on in your code. For example, for an LED String connected to port1, you would use the line of code:


And to take a reading from a Sonic Sensor connected to port3, you would use the line of code:



Goodbye and thanks for all the fish,

Thanks for helping us Kickstart Awesome Shield and learning with us. Sadly, turning Awesome Shield into a sustainable business didn’t work out and so we’re in the process of officially shutting down the company.

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If you have an Awesome Shield you can keep using it and the learning platform.

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